YouTube – The Silent Music Promoter

YouTube music promoterWhen YouTube was first founded back in 2005, I don’t think anyone could have predicted that it would become the largest video-sharing platform on the web. Yet, in less than 10 years, it has done just that, become the 3rd most popular site, right after Google and Facebook.

YouTube has played a very big part in the music industry, and is responsible for discovering many talented artists. The prime example everyone gives is of Justin Beiber. At just 12-years old, Beiber used to upload videos of cover songs up on YouTube. One day, whilst searching for songs, a marketing executive came across Justin’s videos and was so impressed, he tracked him down and offered him a multi-million dollar contract. The rest is history.

Justin Beiber isn’t the only successful artist who started out on YouTube. Others including Carly Rae Jepsen and Cody Simpson were also discovered on the video platform. YouTube has made it so easy for a talented individual to become successful. This doesn’t just apply to music; people with different skills have made very successful careers thanks to YouTube.

Uploading videos couldn’t be simpler. You just go to YouTube and create a free account. Then just upload videos on a regular basis. A catchy title and a high quality video go a long way. It’s not easy though, as you really do need to put a lot of effort into your videos. I’ve noticed that successful YouTube stars have always been very good at video editing. To put it simply, those who put effort into their videos will be the ones that become successful.

Overall though, I don’t think people realize how important YouTube is to the music industry. It has created vast fortunes for many artists and has encouraged so many teens to start creating their own videos in the hope of being discovered.